With The Application Of The Motor Development Of The Times

- Apr 15, 2016 -

The automotive industry in a variety of fans, wipers, spray pumps, flame, and more is used in a variety of DC motor. Hotels in the automatic doors, automatic door locks, automatic blinds, automatic water supply system, so use wet towel dispenser DC, in weaponry, the DC motor is widely used in aircraft, tanks, rockets, radar, tanks and other occasions.

Current electric vehicle has not yet dedicated motor optional, only use a universal motor, such as DC series motor, and a DC motor, permanent magnet motor, induction motor. General characteristics of the motor load is constant load characteristic, while the electric vehicle characteristics varying load characteristics, the two characteristics do not match, affecting the motor output, thereby affecting the performance of electric vehicles. In addition, the common point of maximum efficiency motors are designed around the rated point, when the load from the rated point, the motor efficiency drops sharply, affecting the vehicle's driving range. Switched reluctance motor having a large torque at low speed, but low efficiency, permanent magnet synchronous motor has a high efficiency, but can not improve torque at low speed. Only micro-motor has all the advantages of the above motor having a series excited DC motor low-speed torque to enhance the functionality and performance of Speed Control DC motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors feature high efficiency and reliability of proximity asynchronous motors, very suitable for the needs of electric vehicles.

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