The Role And Classification Of Motor Brushes

- Apr 15, 2016 -

In all fields of national economy, the motors are widely used in all aspects of industrial, agricultural and transportation industries. After 1889 years ago, began to brush for motor, it plays the role of the current export or import in the motor, the motor commutator, the brush also plays a role in the commutation. In the rapid development of today's motor industry, electric power brush manufacturing technology is maturing, performance significantly improved, increasing varieties, the emergence of many new high-performance brush. Brush although the small size, the price is cheap, but it is the role of the motor is very important, and often been likened to the heart of the motor.

Brush brush is commonly known, (e) a brush or brush, which functions in the fixed member and the rotating part of the machine - between the commutator or collector ring conduction current. Large, medium and small synchronous motors, generators, small power tools, DC motors and other equipment widely used to brush the objects directly in contact with the slip ring or commutator to them with a reasonable choice and can improve motor reliability of the work.

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