Spindle Motor How To Maintain Daily

- Sep 05, 2017 -

It is well known that machinery and equipment must be maintained, the same as the sedan, even if a good car, if the driver does not cherish, do not maintain, this car will also be a problem! It will anchor on the halfway road of the long journey! Engraving and milling machine needs to be maintained, especially the spindle motor this very main, and very easy to damage the components, more need to maintain!

Peacetime maintenance as the owner if cleaning, this seemingly trivial, but to extend the spindle motor life plays a great role! Spindle motor is a daily wear and tear parts, to extend its life is necessary to provide an excellent working environment for its maintenance! Spindle motor in peacetime maintenance to start from the following aspects!

(1) To establish the protection of the engraving and milling machine, for the spindle motor, the protection of the understanding of the practice is to develop "dry finish the work will be finishing the spindle motor" habit! If this habit has been developed, the main spindle motor maintenance work is done!

(2) The operator shall use the vacuum cleaner to finish the rotor end of the spindle motor and the waste crumbs on the terminal of the motor after every day. Prevent waste crumbs from accumulating on the rotor end and terminal terminals, so as to prevent the scrap from entering the bearing and speeding up the wear of the high speed bearing;

(3) Each time the card and replace the tool, the operator will need to press the head of the CAP chuck, can not use direct Insert tool method to change the knife!

(4) The operator should develop a habit, after unloading the knife to head and pressure cap clean.

(5) There is also a habit, that is, operators in the knife must be to knives, head and pressure caps clean! This detail to do in place, spindle motor's stature can be greatly extended!

(6) Every day after the operator is necessary to see the motor cooling flow of the operating conditions, to see whether the pump is normal operation, to see whether the cooling water is scale, microbial pollution, to check the situation is not normal, we must ensure the normal circulation of cooling water! It is forbidden to open the spindle motor without cooling water in the spindle motor! As long as the normal cooling under the premise of the spindle motor will be in the best operating conditions. If the water pipe is curved to form the flow of water is not smooth or there is a dust blocking pipeline, will form a spindle motor can not be normal operation, and will affect the processing effect.

(7) According to the standard use spindle motor! To do this is the best conservation!

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