Spindle Motor Fast Speed And Small Volume

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Spindle motor, also known as high-speed motor, refers to the transfer of more than 10000/AC motor. Mainly used in wood, aluminum, stone, metal, glass, PVC and other industries, it has fast speed, small size, lightweight, low cost of materials, noise, small vibration and other advantages, more and more attention and application of relevant industries. Spindle Motor material: 304 stainless steel jacket, water set for Gao aluminum, High temperature copper coil. The outer ring is provided with a relative surface and an inner circumferential surface, the relative surface of which spans a second tiny gap relative to the bottom surface of the rotating sleeve, and the inner peripheral surface is provided with a relative and stationary setting of the outer peripheral surface of a third tiny gap and the rotating sleeve.

In a modern society with high technology and rapid progress, because of the wide application of spindle motor, coupled with its meticulous workmanship, speed and high motor processing quality, so that other ordinary motors can not achieve the technical requirements of the spindle motor and in the industrial production process played an important role, so in the country and even the whole world on the spindle motor especially favored.

In Europe and the United States, the technology is mainly used in power, missiles, aviation and other industries, because of the high technical requirements of the industry, it is necessary to use high-quality, High-tech, high-precision spindle motor. In recent years, the domestic also slowly adopted the technology, the Three Gorges Project, Daya Bay Nuclear power plant, the state power plant, national power plants and other projects also use high-quality spindle motor.

The 1960s, China's electric spindle industry in the embryonic stage, mainly imitation of Europe and the United States and the former Soviet prototype. The domestic formation of the Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, Kazakhstan, WA, Luo three major bearing plant and Shanghai miniature bearing factory as the main body of the development of the electric spindle of the entity. And for supporting machine tools to develop and produce electric spindle of Wuxi machine Tool Factory grinding head workshop.

The 1970s, China's first generation of self-designed, self-developed grinder Electric spindle came out, bearing industry called DZ Series. The Wuxi machine tool Factory is called the SD system.

The 1980s, the Gdz series and 4SD series of electric spindle for the representative of high-speed, high-power electric spindle came out. At this time, the electrical spindle industry gradually formed the technology advantage of the Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, with the main machine tools Wuxi machine tool Factory and Anyang Lai Tai Three electric spindle professional production plant.

The 1990s, Luoyang Bearing Research Institute developed a 2GDZ series of ultra-high power, ultra-high stiffness grinder electric spindle, Wuxi machine tool factory developed a 5SD series Grinder electric spindle, in recent years, with the oil and gas technology, constant temperature cooling and ceramic ball bearings, such as the development of new technologies to improve the technical level of the electric spindle has created favorable Now the electric spindle is moving towards ultra-high speed, high-precision direction, air electric spindle, magnetic suspension spindle is the direction of research. At present, the domestic electric spindle products cover internal and external surface grinding, high-speed CNC milling, high-speed engraving and milling, machining center, PCB board CNC Drilling and milling, high-speed CNC cars, high-speed centrifugal, high-speed spin, high-speed testing and other fields.

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