Several Speed Control Method And Characteristics Of Three-phase Asynchronous Motors

- Apr 15, 2016 -

1, from the nature of the governor's point of view, is nothing more than a different way to change the speed AC motor synchronous speed or not change synchronization turn two kinds. Does not change the method of synchronous speed governor 1) winding type motor rotor string resistance velocity modulation, 2) chopper speed, 3) cascade control and the application of electromagnetic slip clutch, 4) hydraulic coupling, 5 ) film clutch governor. It does not change the synchronous speed of the speed control method is widely used in the production of machinery.

2, synchronous speed of change there is a change to the number of stator pole multi-speed motors, change the stator voltage, frequency inverter can have no commutated motor speed and the like.

3, from the energy point of view when the governor's point of view, there are 1) effective speed control method and 2) inefficient governor two ways: high speed refers to the slip constant, so no slip loss, such as more speed motor, frequency control and speed control method can slip loss recovery (such as cascade control, etc.). There are speed control method Slip loss genus inefficient speed, rotor string resistance velocity modulation method, the energy loss in the rotor circuit; electromagnetic clutch speed control method, the energy loss in the clutch coil; hydraulic coupling governor energy loss in hydraulic coupling oil. Generally slip losses increase with the expansion of the speed range, if not speed range, the energy loss is small.

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