Mechanical Spindle Is A Shaft That Mechanically Drives The Workpiece Or Tool Rotation

- Oct 26, 2017 -

The mechanical spindle refers to the shaft that mechanically drives the workpiece or tool to rotate. Usually by the spindle, bearings and transmission parts (gear or pulley) and other components of the spindle components. In the machine is mainly used to support the transmission parts such as gears, pulley, transmission movement and torque, such as mechanical spindle; some used to clamp the workpiece, such as mandrel. [1] In addition to planer, broaching machine and other main movement for the linear motion of the machine, most machinery has a spindle component. The motion accuracy and structural rigidity of the spindle components are important factors in determining the processing quality and cutting efficiency. The indicators that measure the performance of the spindle components are mainly rotary accuracy, stiffness and speed adaptability.

① Rotation accuracy: Radial and axial runout (see position tolerance) in the direction of the machining accuracy when the spindle rotates, mainly depends on the manufacture and assembly quality of the spindle and bearing.

② dynamic, static stiffness: mainly determined by the bending stiffness of the spindle, bearing stiffness and damping.

③ speed adaptability: the maximum allowable speed and speed range, mainly depends on the bearing structure and lubrication, and cooling conditions.

Any kind of equipment operation has its operating specifications, if the operator can operate according to specifications, equipment failure, life is long; the other hand, the fault, short life. Spindle motor [2] is a precision parts, the use of more attention, please use in the following must be carried out according to the following:

(1) The operator of the engraving and milling machine must be trained and approved. It is strictly forbidden to use the engraving and milling machine without the trained operator.

(2) before starting the use, first of all to ensure that the motor cooling cycle system is working properly, and then open the spindle motor, is strictly prohibited in the absence of cooling under the conditions of the use of spindle motor.

(3) the working environment temperature should not be higher than 30 ℃, when the ambient temperature is higher than 30 ℃ should use air conditioning, or use the refrigerator for the spindle motor forced cooling.

(4) Spindle motor cooling water The use of purified water, water quality must be clean, in order to prevent the generation of microorganisms and scale, under normal circumstances should be changed every seven days of water, when the surrounding environment is higher than 30 ℃, and no forced cooling measures , Should be a day in the highest water temperature when the replacement of pure water. In addition the operator to develop in the work of attention to observe the habit of water temperature, when the water temperature exceeds 30 ℃ will change the water.

(5) the use of carving and milling machines must use the power supply and uninterruptible power supply, in order to ensure the reliability of the work.

(6) every day to start work, the spindle motor from low to high speed to the principle of running, and gradually speed up the preheat, when the motor to achieve the required speed and no-load operation is smooth, the temperature after cooling and then processing, so as to ensure better Of the processing accuracy.

(7) If you stop more than two days, you must sub-file from low to high speed according to the motor running step on the motor for no-load running, after running through to use.

(8) in accordance with the technical service personnel to provide the principle of knife to carve processing, in the planning of the knife to ensure that the spindle motor force is reasonable, we must avoid the vertical knife, the spindle motor overload work is strictly prohibited to ensure that the spindle The normal life of the motor.

(9) It is forbidden to use the tool with the blade wear. After the tool wear continues to use, will increase the motor axial force, resulting in bearing damage, but also affect the accuracy and effect of carving.

(10) during the operation is strictly prohibited percussion, the impact of the spindle motor rotor. Require the operator in the knife must pay attention to the Z-axis point, to audit the parameters of the input point to prevent misuse. To avoid the impact of the operation in the process, a knife and other phenomena on the spindle motor bearing damage. Once the phenomenon of a knife, to immediately stop, in order to avoid high-speed operation of the bearing cause greater damage! Then, start running from low speed, the time is slightly longer than the normal running time, until the motor running smoothly, normal and then work.

(11) If the operation is improper, the chuck is jammed on the motor rotor, and the chuck is strictly removed by tapping the motor rotor. Processing can only use pliers and other tools to take the chuck, but can not damage the motor rotor thread. At this point, the chuck and pressure cap has been completely lost accuracy, after the need to immediately replace the chuck and pressure cap, or continue to use will damage the motor rotor.

(12) When using the workpiece cutting fluid, be sure to press the cutting fluid in the cutting part of the tool, the only way to play the role of the tool and the cooling of the workpiece, is strictly prohibited cutting fluid and pressure on the motor rotor.

(13) The tool is loaded with a spring card. In order to ensure the accuracy of the tool loading and processing quality, but also to avoid the pressure cap, the rotor is damaged, each time before loading the card tool, be sure to use gasoline or WD40 detergent to clean the chuck and pressure cap clean! To always check and remove the residue in the gap between the chuck, the inside of the chuck and the outer surface (including the cone, end, etc.) to clean, to the rotor and the chuck with the end of the cone hole scrub and then on Knife.

(14) to the right way up and down the knife, can not use brute force up and down the knife, to prevent the rotor and pressure cap slide.

(15) Do not use the spindle motor 24 hours a day, at least let the spindle motor to rest 2, in order to ensure that the spindle motor can restore mechanical fatigue and thus extend the life of the spindle motor.

(16) do not use worn tool change tool and pressure cap.

(17) Do not process graphite material.

(18) according to the maintenance system for the spindle motor maintenance.

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