Main Processing Object Of Machining Center

- Sep 30, 2017 -

The machining center is mainly suitable for workpieces with complicated shapes, many processes and high precision.

1, box type workpiece this kind of workpiece generally requires the multi-position hole system and the plane processing, machining center the localization accuracy request is high, in processing center processing, one clamping can complete the ordinary machine tool $number process content.

2. Complex curved surface workpiece can be used for three coordinate machining with ball-head milling cutter with high precision, but low efficiency. If the workpiece exists in the processing interference zone or the processing blind area, it must consider using four-coordinate or five-coordinate machine tool. such as aircraft, automobile shape, impeller, propeller, all kinds of molding molds.

3, special-shaped parts, special-shaped parts are irregular shapes, most need point, line, surface multi-position mixed processing. machining center When processing special-shaped parts, the more complex shape, the higher the precision requirements, the more the use of machining centers to show its advantages. such as mobile phone shell.

4, disk, sleeve, plate type of workpiece such work includes a keyway and radial holes, the end face is distributed with a hole system, machining center a curved plate or an axle type workpiece, such as a sleeve with a flange, a shaft part with a keyway or a square head, etc., with more holes in the plate parts, such as a variety of motor cover.

5, special processing in the processing center can also carry out special processing. If the FM electrical discharge is installed on the spindle, the surface of the metal can be quenched.

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