Machining Center Process Programming Center To Consider Several Factors

- Nov 03, 2017 -

As the machining center with a tool magazine and can automatically replace the tool, the workpiece can be automatically machined surface drilling, countersinking, reaming, boring, tapping, milling and other processes. Therefore, CNC machining program preparation, from the process of determining the choice of tools, processing routes to the preparation of processing procedures, are more complex than ordinary CNC machine tools. Machining process programming center to consider the following points:

(1) Selection of machining content Usually select the surface with higher dimensional accuracy and higher position accuracy, which is not convenient for the complex curves and surfaces processed by ordinary machine tools. Machined surfaces can be machined on the machining center.

(2) process route development Machining parts in the machining center, due to parts machining processes, the use of many types of tools, even in a folder, to complete the roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the sequence of each process in a reasonable and reasonable manner, which is good for improving the machining accuracy and production efficiency. In the follow the "basic first," "rough before fine" and "first after the hole" general principle of the process, but also should consider reducing the number of tool change, save auxiliary time; each process to minimize tool-free travel, according to the shortest Route the machining surface processing sequence; arrange the processing sequence can refer to rough milling large plane - rough boring, semi-fine boring - end mill processing - machining center hole - drilling - tapping - plane And hole finishing (finishing milling, hinge, boring, etc.) of the processing order.

(3) Tool pre-adjustment In order to improve the utilization of the machine tool, try to use the tool presetter, and input the preset size to the CNC system in time before running the program to realize the tool compensation.

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