Machining Center Machining Parts Of The Basic Operation Process

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Mainly explain the function of the various keys on the operation panel of the machining center so that the students can master the preparation of the adjustment and processing of the machining center as well as the input and modification of the program. Finally, taking a specific part as an example, it explains the basic operation process of machining parts in the machining center so that students have a clear understanding of the operation of the machining center.

First, processing requirements

Processing parts as shown below. Parts material for the LY12, a single production. Parts blank has been processed to size.

Second, the preparatory work

Processing before the completion of the preparatory work, including process analysis and routing design, the choice of tools and fixtures, programming and so on.

Third, the steps and content

1, start, each axis manually back to the origin of the machine

2, tool preparation

According to processing requirements choose Φ20 end mill, Φ5 center drill, Φ8 twist drill each one, and then use the spring chuck tool holder Φ20 cutter, the tool number is set to T01, chuck with chuck chuck Φ5 Center Drill, Φ8 twist drill, the tool number is set to T02, T03, the knife tool edge finder mounted on the spring chuck handle, tool number is set to T04.

3, the tool holder has been clamping the tool manually into the magazine, that is

1) Enter "T01 M06" and execute

2) Manually attach the T01 tool to the spindle

3) Follow the above steps to turn T02, T03, T04 into the magazine

4, cleaning table, installation of fixtures and parts

The vise will be clean and clean installed on a clean workbench, through the dial indicator to find, leveling vise, and then the workpiece is mounted on the vise.

5, the knife, determine and enter the workpiece coordinate system parameters

1) With the edge finder knife, Machining center to determine the X, Y to the bias value, the X, Y to the bias value

Input to the workpiece coordinate system G54, the zero offset value of Z direction in G54 is 0;

2) Set the Z-axis setting device on the upper surface of the workpiece, pick up the No. 1 tool from the tool magazine and install the spindle. Use this tool to determine the Z-direction bias value of the workpiece coordinate system and input the Z-direction zero bias value input In the length compensation code corresponding to the machine tool, the "+" and "-" numbers are determined by G43 and G44 in the program. If the length compensation command in the program is G43, input "-" Length compensation code;

3) Input Z offset value of tool No.2 and No.3 into the corresponding length compensation code of the machine in the same procedure.

6, enter the processing procedures

Computer-generated machining programs are transferred to the machine's CNC system's memory via data lines.

7, debugging process

Commission the workpiece coordinate system along the + Z direction to lift the knife to run.

1) debug the main program, Machining center check whether the 3 tools in accordance with the process design to complete the tool change action;

2) Debug three subroutines corresponding to the three tools, and check if the tool movement and the machining path are correct.

8, automatic processing

After confirming the program is correct, return the Z value of the workpiece coordinate system to the original value, move the override switch rapidly, switch the cutting feed override switch to the low position, press the CNC start key to run the program and start machining. Watch the tool path and remaining distance during machining.

9, remove the workpiece, for testing

Choose vernier caliper to measure the size, Machining center after checking the quality analysis.

10, cleaning processing site

11, shut down

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