High Speed Motor Application Prospects

- Oct 26, 2017 -

High-speed motors usually refer to motors with speeds in excess of 10,000 r / min. They have the following advantages: First, because the high speed, so the motor power density is high, and the volume is much smaller than the power of ordinary motor, can effectively save the material. Second, can be connected with the original motive, cancel the traditional slowdown mechanism, transmission efficiency, low noise. Third, due to high-speed motor inertia is small, so fast dynamic response.

Application prospects

High-speed motor in the following areas have broad application prospects:

(1) high-speed motor in the air conditioning or refrigerator centrifugal compressor and other occasions have been applied, and with the development of science and technology, special requirements more and more, its application will be more and more widely.

(2) With the development of hybrid electric vehicles in the automobile industry, small-sized and light-weight high-speed generators will be paid enough attention and have good application prospects in the fields of hybrid electric vehicles, aviation and ships.

(3) High-speed generators driven by gas turbines are small in size, have high maneuverability, can be used as a backup power supply for some important facilities, and can also be used as an independent power supply or a small power plant to compensate for the lack of centralized power supply and have important practical value The

As the high-speed motor rotor centrifugal force and linear velocity is proportional to the square, high-speed motor requires a high mechanical strength; and high-speed motor due to high frequency, high iron consumption, the design should be appropriate to reduce the core of the magnetic density, Loss of core material.

Bearing research is also inseparable with the high-speed motor content, because ordinary bearings are difficult to bear in the high-speed system to withstand long-term operation, must use new materials and new structure of the bearing.

High-speed motors can have a variety of structural forms, such as induction motors, permanent magnet motors and reluctance motors. When the linear speed reaches 200m / s or more, the conventional laminated rotor is difficult to bear the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation, and it is necessary to use special high-strength laminated or solid rotor.

In the past five years of the development of rotor dynamics, there have been many calculation methods, and today, modern computing methods can be divided into two categories: transfer matrix method and finite element method.

The equations of motion of the finite element method are simple and normative, and have many advantages in solving the problem of rotor dynamics or the complex mechanical system composed of the rotor and the surrounding structure. The finite element method is very complex in the complex rotor system, and the calculation result is more accurate than the transfer matrix method. However, the computation time is long and the memory is large. The development of modern computer technology, to the finite element method provides a good hardware technology.

A brief description of the program

High-speed motor is generally used in CNC engraving machine, precision grinding machine and high-speed centrifugal equipment and other equipment, the program to CNC engraving machine as an example to illustrate the S350 inverter in high-speed motor applications.

Process requirements

Spindle system is an important component of CNC engraving machine, its performance on the performance of CNC engraving machine has a crucial impact. Spindle motor more use of two-pole high-speed brushless water-cooled motor, low noise, cutting strength, running speed is generally 0 ~ 24000RPM, the corresponding inverter operating frequency of 0 ~ 400HZ. Therefore, the system requires high speed accuracy, low speed torque, acceleration and deceleration time is short, high temperature and low temperature to meet the high production efficiency and processing quality.

1, the basic operation

Select the S350 control mode as the V / F control mode, use the DCM terminal to receive the analog system analog signal (0 ~ 10V), MI1 terminal to control the start and stop, through the MI2 ~ MI4 terminal to set the production needs of the seven speed. MI5 terminal as fault input.

According to the site production requirements, the parameters F0.18 and F0.19 set to 2 seconds (acceleration and deceleration time), due to higher operating speed, the inverter with a brake unit. The system is stable at 40Hz, 100HZ, 200HZ, 250HZ, 300HZ, 350HZ and 400HZ, and the temperature is low when the temperature is 400HZ (corresponding to 24000RPM), which can prolong the life of the motor effectively.

Seven-speed reference terminal set:

MI2: 50HZ MI3: 100HZ MI3 + MI2: 200HZ MI4: 250HZ

MI2 + MI4: 300HZ MI3 + MI4: 350HZ MI2 + MI3 + MI4: 400HZ

In short, foreign high-speed motor and related technology research earlier, has made a lot of research results, and with the continuous emergence of new materials, processing technology continues to improve, technology will be faster to move forward. Domestic high-speed motor research is not a lot, basically limited to less power generator or motor.

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