Five Basic Issues To Consider When Machining Center Programming

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Five basic issues to consider when machining center programming

General use Machining center processing workpiece shape complex, many processes, the use of a variety of tools, often once clamping to complete from rough, semi finishing to finishing process. So the program is more complicated. Consider the following questions when you are programming.

1, carefully analyze the drawings to determine the reasonable route.

2, the size of the tool should be selected, and the actual size of the measured to fill the tool card.

3, determine the reasonable cutting dosage. Main spindle speed, machining center back eating knife quantity, feed speed and so on.

4. There should be enough automatic tool changing space to avoid collision with workpiece or fixture. The position of the change cutter is recommended at the origin of the machine.

5, in order to facilitate the inspection and debugging procedures, the processing of the various parts of the process to the different subroutine, machining center and the main program to complete the change of knives and subroutine calls. This procedure is simple and clear.

6, the program to be programmed to check and test operation, pay attention to the tool, fixture or workpiece between interference. machining center When checking the M, S, and T functions, you can do so in the z-axis lock state.

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