Automotive Small Motor Before

- Apr 15, 2016 -

Small motors in the car's motor drive mainly in the car's engine, chassis, body three parts and annexes. First, on the application of automotive engine components: mainly used in automotive starter, EFI control systems, radiators and generators. These components shall be due more than DC motors and stepper motors. The second is the application of automotive chassis frame, mainly in the automotive electronic suspension control systems, automotive cruise control, electric power steering, vehicle stability control systems, automotive cruise control system, brake system and explosion-proof driving and driving force control applications. Which is widely used in permanent magnet DC motor or a permanent magnet stepper motor. Third, the application of automotive body parts on: mainly in the central locking, electric mirrors, automatic lifting antenna, application of automatic sunroof, automatic headlights, automatic seat like. Wherein the universal application of permanent magnet DC motors and permanent magnet stepper motor.

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