Application Characteristics And Development Prospect Of High Speed Motor

- Oct 18, 2017 -

High-speed motor is the speed of more than 10000r / min motor, generally used in CNC engraving machine, precision grinding machines and high-speed centrifugal equipment and other equipment. Whether it is ordinary CNC machine tools or virtual axis machine tools, to achieve high-speed key components are still spindle unit. For the convenience of everyone's understanding, the following we specifically for you to introduce the application of high-speed motor features and development prospects:

Application Characteristics of High Speed Motor

1. Because the high speed, so the motor power density is high, and the volume is much smaller than the ordinary motor;

2. Can be connected with the prime mover, cancel the traditional slowdown mechanism, transmission efficiency, low noise;

3. Third, because the high-speed motor inertia is small, so fast dynamic response.

Development Prospect of High Speed Motor

1. High-speed motor in air conditioning or refrigerator centrifugal compressor and other occasions have been applied, and with the development of science and technology, more and more special requirements, its application will be more and more widely.

2. With the development of hybrid electric vehicle industry, small size, light weight high-speed motor will be taken seriously, and in hybrid electric vehicles, aviation, ship and other fields have a good application prospects.

3. High-speed motors driven by gas turbines are small in size, have high mobility, can be used for some important facilities of the standby power, but also as an independent power or small power plants to make up for the lack of centralized power supply, has important practical value.

High-speed motor on the application of the characteristics and prospects for the introduction to you here, and very grateful to your reading, if there are questions, please contact us.

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