Trolley motor vehicle rules

- Apr 15, 2016 -

1. Only trained and pass the examination, holding operating permits locomotive drivers are allowed to drive, to limousine. (Mechanic test exceptions)

Period (1) apprenticeship learning, official drivers are not allowed to leave their posts by the end of the apprenticeship certification examination, out of the bus are not allowed to perform the task alone.

(2) transferred to the new driver, you must first be familiar with relevant provisions of the road, the signal channel set rules and closed systems.

2. The driver must be strictly enforced shift system, after the succession of the following checks:

(1) valid throughout the bolts are tightened.

(2) all other parts are complete and intact, the situation of each member oiling lubrication points.

(3) whether the brake system is reliable, and mitigation braking performance is good.

(4) pantograph lifting is flexible.

(5) whether the system is flexible sanding operation is smooth sanding, sand reservoir is sufficient.

(6) before and after the lights, alarm, telephone carrier is good.

Prohibit running one of the following 3. locomotive

(1) the lack of serious damage to meet or meet.

(2) the coupling devices are not reliable.

(3) sanding equipment damage.

(4) lighting damage.

(5) braking device malfunction or damage.

(6) the carrier is on the phone.

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