Trolley motor trolley wire suspension approach

- Apr 15, 2016 -

(1) hydraulic suspension: The seat with porcelain head hanging clip with a special Karan fixed on steel beams overhead line or hardwood cross arm, the cross arm of steel or hardwood with cement injection in two turnings wall. This suspension stability and strong way, a small amount of protection. Mobile crushing station but because of the overhead line buffer inelastic, there is a greater pantograph sliding friction of overhead lines and shorten the life of the overhead line.

It applies to the lower roadway, a smaller cross-sectional area, the number of less traffic, low speed (less than lOkm / h) of the line, such as the motor-car garage lines, mobile lines, underground lines, etc. through the damper. At this time, the motor vehicle pantograph trolley should be used touch roll is appropriate.

(2) Flexible Suspension: 2-14 shares with galvanized low carbon steel wire having a diameter of manufacture cross hanging wire 3.2mm, with the two tension insulators make overhead lines and tunnel insulation, with hanging wire clamp clamping the overhead lines, with porcelain hanging wire hanging wire will clamp fixed and overhead lines suspended from the cross hanging line. Two cross hanging wire hanging on the tunnel wall hanging hook line with the cross hanging conditioner line taut.

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