Miniature brushless DC motor

- Apr 15, 2016 -

US Department of Energy said in a report released in June confirmed the superiority of environmental performance through a rigorous life-cycle-based incandescent, manufacturing and performance characteristics of energy-saving lamps and LED lights assessments carried out, the report summed up the LED lights the minimum degree of harm to the environment - based on LED technology improvement can be expected to judge, to 2017, the performance gap will continue to widen.

In addition to energy-efficient than incandescent light bulbs or compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), longer life outside, LED does not contain mercury. Although less mature consumers of this fast-growing market, but the contact was not much, but it seems there are two well-known: a, LED (currently) more expensive than other illumination prices; Second, LED more energy. In fact, LED acronym has become synonymous with high energy efficiency.

This is related to the current LED market in general cognition. But whether the energy efficiency factor driving the market? Maybe not.

Despite the initial interest and energy-efficient solid-state lighting can not get away, but we believe that, ultimately, energy is not critical. It is not that solid-state lighting energy efficiency is low; the opposite is true. Our hypothesis is that people gradually transition to solid-state lighting in the process, the role of energy efficiency will be less important. You can think of this function as a built-in standard, like a modern car air conditioning.

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