Mine DC overhead line electric locomotive variable frequency drive means to resolve

- Apr 15, 2016 -

Consider mining coal production special conditions proposed for the control of digital signal processor core, the use of vector control and space vector pulse width modulation of the original motor vehicle motor buck governor technological innovation, developed a coal mine in DC motor vehicle line variable frequency drive. The device greatly reduces the volume of the control system, and remove the series resistance, thus achieving the integration of machine speed, to solve the resistance buck governor high energy consumption, high failure rate, the motor speed during the impact and other issues. Theoretical analysis and experimental results fully verify the reliability and validity of the method.

1, the hardware system design

The primary circuit of the reactor L and the capacitor C £ c filter composed of a DC voltage is filtered to suppress from the power supply to the drive or an internal drive to produce high-frequency power supply side of the disturbance, it also can improve the inverter input current waveform. When the driver controller issued instructions deceleration or braking, the electric motor operating frequency or decrease to zero, the motor is in regenerative braking, kinetic energy of the drive system to be fed back to the DC circuit, in which case the DC voltage rising, the brake module IGBT is turned on, this part of the braking resistor heat energy consumed rapidly. Braking resistor is generally 3.5 ~ 4.5 Q, the lower the resistance, the better the braking effect. Former governor of available braking resistor resistor resistor.

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