How to ensure the safe operation of the mine electric car?

- Apr 15, 2016 -

Mining Locomotive Before the operation, the driver of the vehicle must be checked to ensure that the bolt fastened joints, insulating electrical components in good working flexible handle; non-flammable and explosive storage car body, and ensure the safety of a vehicle having a complete . Check all without exception, the issue driving lights, pay attention to remind those around them, according to the command and commanding officers indication lights departure. Traffic on the way, any people and things can not be exposed outside of the vehicle; the driver speeding and drunk driving is strictly prohibited, and in turn slow down the construction site and should send a signal to remind, driving safety is most important. If the phenomenon of road motor vehicles off immediately need to send a signal, commanding officers as soon as possible to contact the relevant personnel for processing. Traction weight should strictly follow the regulations, can not be overloaded. To prevent dumping slag off road, in the parking lot, turn around at the car stop should be provided with protective facilities. After completion of work, the motor vehicle to be cleaned, and then the car parked in the designated safe location before the driver leaves, cut off the power to ensure, brakes and brake tight.

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