How do coal mine motor vehicle transport safety management fine

- Apr 15, 2016 -

In the daily management, motor car transport is a dynamic job, it is difficult to limit the assessment and correction of violations in the job. For example: to drive down car tail without supervision personnel; standard tub pin connecting device with a blade instead of welding; haul stone train no taillights; sanding means dead bodies; motor vehicles off road, severing roadway high-voltage cables; motor vehicle transportation of materials, skip the tying is not solid, spilled along the brick, wood and other materials; do not whistle in the roadway bends motor vehicle drivers, etc. behavior is a violation of mine safety management weaknesses. Security motor vehicle transport 90% of the task falls on the shoulders of motor vehicle drivers, motor vehicle driver both operator and the person who is guardian of this motor car transport is the safety management blind spots, or weak points.

How do coal mine motor vehicle transport safety fine management? So we look at the following four points:

1, to strengthen the district team daily motor vehicle traffic safety management. Implementation of these management systems, and supervision and inspection. Clear maintenance time and maintenance tasks and maintenance projects; arrange periodic inspection lines hazards (including the track in good condition, roof in good condition, cleaning rockfall); District team cadres should be more under transport route to the scene, do not record only work output, in no other Content. You can think about it, if only in classes before the meeting scheduled tasks, on-site inspections and examinations do not, what happens?

2, to enhance the motor vehicle assembler responsibility management system. The system is made licensing board suspended operations point depot or motor vehicle, such as a warehouse and a drain of unloading coal scuttle. System includes: responsibility charter, maintenance responsibility, accountability equipment in good condition, and precautions. System is the most important shift system, a clear succession driver must learn more about the train running, the signal line status to shift driver, and carefully check the motor vehicle, including: the cab roof and doors are in good condition, the connector is in good condition , hand brake and sanding device is flexible and effective, lights and red tail lights do not shine, and the alarm horn sound is clear and loud, the communication device is normal, the controller commutation handle is flexible, reliable latching whether, pantograph landing It is flexible. Inspection found problems, the need for timely report to duty or district leadership team, the inspection shall be credited to shift logbook.

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