Frequency transformation of overhead line electric locomotive in coal mine

- Apr 15, 2016 -

1, an overview of mining electric locomotive coal production required a major means of transport, mainly DC motor drive. However, with the development of AC variable speed, performance AC drive system has been greatly improved, and because the AC and DC motors, compared with a high power, high efficiency, brushless and commutator maintenance costs small advantages, to replace the DC motor applications use AC motors in mining motor vehicles, has become the trend of the development of mining electric locomotive. This paper presents the principle and implementation of vector control use, and control algorithms used are analyzed, designed mining electric locomotive vector control system based on SCM 80C196MC and intelligent power module. The program is controlled by the use of Intelligent Power Modules produce voltage three-phase motor; 2, system hardware design This design of the entire system by the main speed control circuit, MCU control circuit and the feedback amount detection circuit. The main circuit is composed of an inverter circuit. Wherein the inverter circuit using IPM intelligent power module to complete power conversion; SCM control circuit 80C196MC microcontroller to control the core, including memory expansion circuits and some peripheral circuits such as: keyboard display circuit, reset circuit, system protection circuit and so on. MCU control circuit is mainly responsible for data processing vector control calculation algorithm to produce PWM wave and control signals and display and troubleshooting tasks and so on.

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